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We are honored and humbled to have been immersed in the important work of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) for more than twenty years. Going beyond traditional DEI approaches, WMFDP creates life-changing experiences that shift behavior on a personal and professional level.

Through a series of customized solutions — ranging from introductory sessions to intensive learning experiences to skills applications — we aim to awaken dominant leadership groups (“insiders”) to their privilege, enlightening them to what they personally have to gain from bringing “outsiders” in.


Global, Experienced, Transformative

International Client Focus

Two decades ago, we started working with Fortune 500 corporations that had leadership teams primarily made up of white males, hence our original name of White Men as Full Diversity Partners. As the working world expanded into international waters, our clients took us on their journeys abroad.

Today we customize our DEI solutions to apply to the variety of nuances each international region brings. With the shift in our focus overseas, the name of our company changes to FDP Global.

FDP Global

Seasoned Process Consultants

In addition to our 12 full-time staff, more than 27 seasoned process consultants offer a range of experience in DEI facilitation, leadership development, cross-cultural community building, intercultural communication and business strategy.

As a global company, we bring specialized experts that reside in the areas where we work to examine the nuances of each dominant culture, tailoring an approach to fit your unique organizational culture and geographic circumstances.

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More than Business Results

Fortune 500 clients such as Dell, ExxonMobil, Intel, Amazon Web Services, Proctor & Gamble and MassMutual have all experienced positive business results after working with WMFDP. Starting with diversity, the benefits extend into talent retention and attraction, innovation and the bottom line.

But it’s more than that. Our experiential approach brings inclusive leadership skills — such as active listening and deeper connectedness — into everyday lives so that participants lead, live and love inclusively.

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