The jury’s verdict in the murder of George Floyd is hope for a shift, a precedent for a different way forward. 

As many are saying, it’s accountability but not justice. 

For our Black and Brown communities, the trauma of injustice and inequity is real. 

The reality is that the wrong verdicts have been handed down for generations. This verdict will not change how our systems function or the shape of our culture without purposeful commitment from every single one of us. Our combined and sustained commitment is what leads to justice—the ability for life. 

We, as allies, must continue to step in and stay in, to highlight the injustices of our system so that we can have justice for all. Until we reckon with our cultural conditioning, our communities will remain shredded apart, Black and Brown bodies disproportionately killed by law enforcement. 

The work remains, urgently so. 

Stand together. Now more than ever.