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Advanced Learning Lab for White Male Leaders

Learning to Disrupt and Rebuild Mindsets, Behaviors and Systems

We celebrated our 25th year in 2022 and celebrated with a return to our roots: An advanced version of our signature White Men’s Caucuses called our Advanced Learning Lab for White Male Leaders. 

This Advanced Learning Lab creates breakthroughs for white men in leadership roles to become more effective DEI change agents: This includes raising white men’s skill and confidence to better partner across difference and to better engage other white men in their organization around DEI issues.

In this Advanced Learning Lab, leaders experience how diversity, equity and inclusion work benefits white men personally and professionally, moving through fears, perfectionism and other barriers to action. Leaders experiment and explore new ways to be change champions to both disrupt and inspire shifts in their team and organization.

Our Advanced Learning Labs are available for internal teams and for open enrollment, meaning they’re open for individual registration on our upcoming events page.

Our Advanced Learning Lab for White Male Leaders helps leaders:

  • Gain an understanding of where they are on their diversity, equity and inclusion learning journey, how to leverage their own story to engage others and clarify what their current learning edges are and how to address them.  
  • Build resiliency to more fluidly and authentically operate as leaders and partners as they navigate the complexity, emotional topics and conflict around DEI.
  • Become more confident and skilled at intervening with others, particularly other white men, many of who often don’t see the win-win of creating and sustaining inclusive work cultures.
  • Develop specific personal and professional action plans to address their continued growth and impact change in their organizations.

Our Advanced Learning Lab is intended for alumni of our programs, specifically our White Men as Allies Learning Lab or White Men’s Caucus, and for dedicated inclusive leaders.

Companion Resources

Our co-founder Michael Welp’s book Four Days to Change is an excellent optional reading companion for leaders diving into a White Men as Allies Lerning Lab. It also provides insights for white women and men and women of color who are interested in understanding their colleagues’ learning journey.

We also recommend that leaders continue their inclusive leadership development, powered by our revolutionary self-guided online learning platform, Inclusion Insights. Here, leaders further and practice the skills and behaviors they learn in facilitated group work, supported by their cohort and our expert moderators. For organizations, Inclusion Insights offers powerful insights into engagement and tracking the progress of your own inclusion strategy.