Over the last two decades, my colleague Michael Welp and I have had the incredible privilege of working with thousands of white men— front line employees to key decision makers at the top of the company org charts— examining their mindsets, shifting their behaviors, and helping them exemplify the change they wished to see in their organizations, and in their lives.

Four Days to Change contains our most powerful learnings and insights from running over 125 White Men Caucuses.

The book follows a journey that thousands have taken with our organization to join the global effort to create equitable and sustainable organizations that bring out the best in everyone—including themselves. This transformative work has provided our clients with a roadmap for the critical role they as white men must take to chart a sustainable course into the sea of full partnership.

I hope you take a few minutes to read an excerpt (and then order the book) so you can witness the kinds of conversations that have opened the eyes of white male leaders, freeing them to benefit from more inclusive, authentic partnerships in the workplace and at home.