By Bill Proudman

Wednesday, March 9, 2022 marks 25 years to the day that I convened the first White Men’s Caucus for 13  men, including my own father.  

I did this after noticing White men outsourcing issues of diversity and inclusion to anybody in their organization that didn’t look like them. These White men bought the myth that diversity was about everyone else—or that they couldn’t speak to issues of diversity or inclusion themselves.  

I realized then that deference, no matter how unconscious, was ultimately not sustainable or healthy for people, partnerships and organizations. Creating and sustaining a culture of belonging is every leader’s job. 

Our work since has been to help White men find their place alongside women and People of Color to be full partners in creating cultures where everyone thrives. 

Little did I know then that my work would blossom into a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to helping many thousands of leaders and their teams grow courage, raise consciousness and expand their cultural competency. 

Over these last two and a half decades, we have worked on five continents and in over 35 countries with thousands of leaders and executives from all backgrounds committed to making their organizations a place where everyone can thrive and contribute.  

We live in a world that now more than ever needs empathic, humble leaders from all walks of life to listen deeply, without talking past one another or fearing those we know the least.  

There are no simple solutions to the vexing challenges we face on our planet. To work through them, we must be fully present in the moment with each other, connecting across our differences. 

We salute our clients for their continued resolve and courage to be the change they wish to see in the world.