Inclusive Leadership Development

Our coaching programs are designed to support the specific needs of leaders as they practice inclusive leadership behaviors in their daily interactions. The program leverages WMFDP | FDP Global’s Eight Critical Leadership Skills framework and provides a focused and structured process to drive application of these skills in the workplace. The cornerstone of the program is the leader’s personal commitment to the goals and outcomes they want to achieve with their direct reports and team. This is a journey grounded in the intersection of leadership development and diversity partnerships.

Coaching helps leaders gain:

  • Enhanced ability to integrate diversity and inclusion learnings into the workplace so diversity and inclusion work becomes a strategic part of achieving business goals.
  • The ability to identify personal blind spots, resolve conflicts among direct reports and identify when diversity and inclusion issues may be at the heart of a challenge.
  • Skills to better lead and partner across differences so that they get the most out of their people.
  • Increased skill and confidence to act outside their comfort zone and to reach large-scale and strategic diversity and inclusion goals.
  • The ability to build commitment to greater inclusion organization-wide.