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Customized Solutions

Solutions Across a Continuum of Change

WMFDP creates customized diversity and inclusion (D&I) solutions that are exclusive to your organization and can be as broad or as targeted as your needs. After we assess your current situation and long-term vision, we’ll work with you to implement solutions that fit with your cultural makeup, management structure and overall business needs.

We can help you create lasting change within your organization no matter which part of the journey you happen to be on. A variety of solutions can be paired with differing stages.


Introduce the Change

Many decision-makers are still unfamiliar with the rewarding and challenging work of D&I, unsure about how it affects not just their organization’s success, but their personal interests as well. In order to avoid going in too deep too soon, warm up your decision-makers before committing to the long-term work of D&I.

Interactive Keynote Session

One of our senior consultants will explore D&I from an inclusion perspective. Participants will walk away with their own personal next steps. This 90 minute to two-hour presentation is applicable to 24-300 audience members.

Conscious Leaders Session

For intact teams, such as the executive team or diversity council, this session builds curiosity for the long-term D&I effort. Leaders will better understand the call-to-action to lead inclusively. This 4-hour session is appropriate for groups of up to 30.


Be the Change

Together, we can determine if your organization is ready for a deeper commitment. These options don’t just aim to gain leadership buy-in; rather we work towards holistic change within the individual leaders themselves, recognizing that these leaders set the tone for the organization and can shift organizations to new heights.

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White Men’s Lab

An immersive 3.5-day residential program for up to 18 men helps them understand their culture and its impact on themselves and others, creating an environment where they can honestly explore questions, confusions, hopes and concerns related to “diversity issues” in their private lives and organizations. This lab has successfully helped hundreds of company leaders become more effective partners in their workplace.

Full Diversity Partners Lab

An intensive 3.5-day residential program for up to 24 people across difference, delivering a provocative and powerful experience that fundamentally transforms partnerships. The intent is to create brave and meaningful dialogue, where everyone realizes their self-interest in being full partners in diversity change efforts. Teams work across the divides of ethnicity, gender, race and sexual orientation to develop partnership and leadership skills that will impact organizational change.


Practice the Change

Becoming a change-agent is life-changing. It’s also just the beginning. Actually moving an entire organization towards greater inclusion, diversity and equity requires ongoing effort. We can accelerate and support leadership transformation with the following solutions.

Alumni Forum

Sharing D&I successes and failures in a group setting emboldens change agents into advanced skill development that impacts their leadership growth, business goals and accountability. Here, they explore how to apply inclusive leadership behaviours to a variety of challenging business and leadership situations.

This 4-6 hour session is for all alumni and appropriate for 18-150 people.

Competency Coaching

For groups or individuals, our coaching programs are designed to support the specific needs of leaders as they practice inclusive leadership behaviours in their daily interactions. Leveraging WMFDP’s Eight Critical Leadership Skills framework, we provide a focused and structured process to drive the practical application of these skills in the workplace.

Online Learning

We are excited to announce a new digital platform meant to help past participants continue their development and apply their newly gained skills at work. The six-module series can be accessed remotely and experienced on an individual basis. Slated to launch soon, these modules draw from personal reflection — uncovering opportunities to practice new skills to further shift organizational culture.


Extend the Change

With leadership having arrived at a great awakening that affects not just their D&I practices but also how they interact as a whole group, others want to experience the change. Energize an entire organization with solutions that engage more people, drawing from the totality of your employees’ unique strengths to create truly inclusive, diverse and equitable places of work.

Practice Change

Courageous Leaders Summit

For groups of up to forty, Courageous Leaders Summit attendees will gain fresh insights and competency skills for creating cultures of inclusion, leaving ready to take action as change-agents. To increase the Summit’s impact, learning lab alumni attend and share their insights and diversity journeys.

Our Summits cover a range of topics and can be structured to go deeply into aspects of D&I that are the most pertinent to your group and organization. For example, we explore topics such as unconscious bias, microaggression, or gender and inclusion, more specifically.

With a Gender Focus

For too long, gender inclusion has been framed as a women’s issue, meaning we’ve overlooked the pivotal role men can play as advocates for change. Right for any size, this interactive workshop gives men — in partnership with women — a place to ask questions, learn from each other, challenge outdated thinking and find actionable steps to help them stand up as courageous role models for inclusion.

With an Inclusion Focus

Those who do not fit the culture norms (outsiders) are tired of taking on the full burden of inclusion and equity work alone. Right for any size, this interactive workshop gives insiders — in partnership with outsiders — a place to ask questions, learn from each other, challenge outdated thinking and find actionable steps to help them stand up as courageous role models for inclusion.

With a Race Focus

We’re working on creating a race-focused Courageous Leaders Summit. Details coming soon.


Assess the Change

Voices Cultural Assessment

Our workplace cultural assessment ensures you embark on a targeted, integrated inclusion effort. The rich and relevant data goes beyond what’s available in an online cultural assessment or engagement survey. Findings include specific and nuanced feedback that can lead to direct action and behavior change.

360° Inclusive Leader Assessment

A crucial window of opportunity exists following a learning experience. Real change begins when new insights, skills and behaviors are applied, altering the status quo. Gathering feedback and self-assessment results in specific goals supporting the ability to be visible, effective change agents.

“Our pre- and post-surveys showed a lift in both knowledge transfer and internalization.”