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A Wake Up Call
A Wake Up Call
A Wake Up Call

A Wake Up Call

Of course you want to build welcoming workplaces where everyone feels valued and connected. You understand this is how creativity, innovation and dollar signs emerge. But you’re wondering how diversity and inclusion (D&I) play into this concept. And that’s okay.

Issues surrounding D&I are very nuanced. At the core is the concept of insiders and outsiders. Insiders are those who fit within the dominant leadership group, often unaware that they’re setting the entire organization’s tone. This means that outsiders — women, people of color, LGBTQ+ or anyone that doesn’t fit the “norm” — must leave pieces of themselves behind as they morph to climb the corporate ladder.

The Name of Our Company

Our name — White Men as Full Diversity Partners* — is a wake-up call. Through our name, we ask insiders to step into the ring with us. True diversity and inclusion success cannot be achieved without those who set the rules and norms for organizations.

*Globally, white males are not the dominant leadership group in some countries, which is why you’ll see a name modification to FDP Global in our international materials.


Why This Matters

Beyond the staggering D&I business results, when outsiders are unable to bring their authenticity to the job — conforming in the pursuit of success — creativity, innovation and profits cannot reach their full potential. Moreover, when insiders, or white men, begin to see what they personally have to gain from D&I work, only then will they truly become aware.

Developing Leaders

Our customizable D&I solutions aim to wake up entire organizations by engaging both insiders and outsiders at all levels. This work transforms everyday workers into courageous leaders that impact the bottom line. In this way, WMFDP is a leadership development company.

A Wake Up Call

“I always start with, what's the outcome? If it's to have white men be more engaged, I would tell you, it’s a home-run.”