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Executive Sessions

Introducing Inclusion Awareness

Our 2- to 8-hour inclusion awareness sessions are “seed planters.” They create curiosity and a desire to learn more and go deeper into diversity, equity and inclusion. Using dialogue, video and interactive exercises to help participants discover their own mindsets related to culture and behavior, Inclusion Awareness Sessions are ideal for intact teams to dive into specific topics or simply familiarize themselves with inclusive leadership overall.

Executive Sessions, and inclusion awareness sessions overall, are great for teams and leaders short on time and looking to take a first step towards transformation. Leaders leave empowered and ready to take action personally and collectively to make a positive difference in their daily interactions and partnerships. 

These sessions help teams begin to:

  • Examine unconscious biases that impact how leaders think about diversity and inclusion.
  • Engage leaders in conversation to move the needle on their organization’s diversity journey.
  • Grow the courage to engage in the often-difficult conversations inherent in navigating difficult topics like race, gender and other dimensions of diversity.
  • Encourage each person to explore their belonging and inclusion story and self-interest in learning about, and advancing, inclusion at their organization.
  • Support “Insiders” in seeing their unique role in engaging their own groups to educate and intervene for inclusion.