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Experiential Learning

Meeting You Where You Are

Our solutions are far from standard. In a word, they are transformational.

If the goal is to transform the culture of a workplace, the approach cannot be anything close to droning academic or collar-and-leash type training. Instead, it must be life-changing.

D&I Business Results

Experience Defined

Through experiential learning, we turn leaders into their best selves — ultimately bringing their organizations to their truest potential. Experiential learning is defined as “learning by experiencing a situation or a simulated situation, as in role playing, and then reflecting on that experience,” by the Oxford Reference.

Customized Solutions

However, it’s important to note that our work begins well before getting in the room. First, we collaborate with you to customize solutions that are right for your organization’s unique challenges and long-term goals. Everything is tailored for your specific environment and distinct cultural landscape.

Life Changing Experiences

Once in the room, our experiential approach engages leaders in deep learning that hits at a core level. Rather than listening to a lecture, they are actively pondering, thinking and reflecting in ways they’ve never done before. They learn from each other, not just an instructor. Change occurs as leaders voice their truth, calling out the undiscussables. Investing in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) awakens men and women to life-changing experiences that build an organization’s culture, profits and innovation.