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Free Webinar: Race in the Workplace

Managing Uncomfortable Conversations Across Race

WMFDP | FDPGlobal, with the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), hosted an interactive session on how to have authentic, uncomfortable, productive, and safe conversations about race in your workplace.

CTI’s dedication to inspire and equip leaders to design diverse, inclusive workplaces where every person belongs aligns with WMFDP’s mission of making diversity and inclusion a priority for everyone, especially Insiders.

Together, we discussed the undiscussable‚ÄĒracism; its impact on you and your colleagues; and its impact on the workplace.

WMFDP & CTI | Unscripted: Race in the Workplace from WMFDP on Vimeo.

Thank you for having joined us for an unscripted conversation on race in the workplace (recorded live June 11, 2020).