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International D&I Services

In many countries outside the United States, the dominant workplace insider groups aren’t made up of white men. That doesn’t mean issues of diversity and inclusion (D&I) magically disappear. Instead, they take on different forms.

In an increasingly global marketplace, where workers and teams operate internationally, understanding how to work across cultural differences is a vital professional skill. As more businesses engage transnationally, our approach must grow larger as we begin to accept greater cultural depth.

Working around the world as FDP Global, we help teams understand and thrive in today’s multinational environment. We bring curiosity and humility into the conversation with the aim of sparking connection.

Our goal at FDP Global is to create sustainable and inclusive cultures that positively influence your bottom line.

Geographically Customized Services

We aren’t trying to Americanize how others do business. Instead, we’re connecting to our respective humanity, to our shared commonality that around the globe, people want to be heard, valued and seen. How we express our humanity is cultural. How we interpret another’s humanity is cultural.

We begin any new engagement by learning about how your geographical culture affects your organization. Because these nuances vary from place to place, we frequently work with local partners who understand the geographical insider culture and language subtleties.

Once we’ve completed our due diligence, we begin the process of uncovering the hidden biases, misunderstandings and assumptions hindering growth. Through these courageous conversations, teams gain greater appreciation for their differences and learn how to work through them. The result is improved cohesion and more effective communication within a team and across the organization.