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Hey [White Male] Sports Leaders: Get in the [DEI] Game!

Getting your white male leadership genuinely interested in diversity, equity and inclusion

Sports has the power to transform the world. The games and players we love capture our hearts and our imagination of what’s possible. 

Yet, sports stalls when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The players are diverse … but ownership and leadership remain overwhelmingly white and male. Power dynamics of a bygone era persist. 

So, how does an industry capable of changing the world transform itself? 

Tackle that question with us. 

We’ve walked this road for the last quarter century, exploring the barriers that keep white male leaders and colleagues from deeply engaging in DEI. 

Join fellow sports industry diversity professionals for a deep exploration into the unique challenges within your industry and power dynamics. 

Together, we’ll game plan. 

Who Is This Webinar For?

For 25 years, WMFDP | FDP Global has been motivating white male leaders to get off the DEI sidelines and into the game. We’re the white male whisperers.

For the last two years, we’ve been presenters at the Sports Business Journal’s ALL IN conferences:

This webinar invites sports industry diversity professionals to continue the dialogue on addressing the industry’s shared barriers and hurdles in being a truly inclusive industry.

Did you miss our June 27 Part 1: White Men’s Role in DEI conversation? Connect with us today for a 1:1 recap with cofounder Michael Welp.