A message to our colleagues, clients and partners: 

We view our work with you as a collaborative partnership: Together with you, we transform mindsets and help leaders create more inclusive organizations. 

Especially now, in the wake of uncertainty around COVID-19, we want to emphasize our partnership with you. We are here to learn and react to the impacts of the virus on your business and on ours. The situation continues to evolve each day, and for us, determining what the “new normal” may look and feel like is difficult to predict. 

We can imagine the starts and stops your organization and you, personally, are weathering as you navigate this outbreak. Initiating and leading inclusion and diversity efforts is often monumental, and we can only imagine how frustrating and difficult it may be to have to delay meetings and events advancing your organization along its inclusion journey, including postponing events you planned with us. 

We are making plans to adjust as you need to adjust. Whatever the impact on your business and organization, we remain committed to our partnership and to the spirit of collaboration. We are here to help carry the momentum, particularly through challenging times. 

Where we can, we’ve taken steps to mitigate the ambiguity of these times and want to share them openly with you as our partner: 


We are monitoring health and travel safety recommendations at the individual, domestic and international levels to mitigate risk for our colleagues, clients and partners. 

For our staff and consultants, we are asking our team to be mindful of their health:

  • We are asking our team to come into the office or travel only if they are healthy and completely symptom-free from COVID-19 or similar illnesses. 
  • We are instituting a “never too late” policy for those traveling to clients that encourages them to call in the moment they notice symptoms, even if it means missing travel connections or a scheduled engagement. 
  • We are striving to have back-up consultants on stand-by should someone be symptomatic or sick. 

We are also recommending proper health and respiratory etiquette, encouraging colleagues, clients and partners to replace hugs and handshakes with verbal greetings and a wave. 


We are currently asking our consultants to choose and assess their own level of comfort and risk with travel to and from WMFDP engagements. We both support and honor their individual preferences without judgment. If they are unable or unwilling to travel to your session, we will reach you immediately to discuss substitute options. 

As of this writing, we do not anticipate this will impact our planned work with you. We will let you know if there are developments or changes to our travel planning or staffing, should such additional measures become necessary.


We have modified our postponement policies to accommodate these extraordinary times. We will be connecting with clients individually to review our updated terms.  

Small Business, Big Footprint

For 25 years, we’ve been paving the way for courageous conversations, engaging leaders and insiders to champion inclusion in their organizations. Our work, and yours, on creating more inclusive organizations won’t stop because of an outbreak. In fact, we think our work of inspiring inclusive leaders and organizations is of even greater urgency today.

Our small and compact size as a business means we can quickly pivot and adapt to what’s most important today, and we’ll continue using our voice, presence and experience to influence how individuals and organizations show up as D&I leaders, particularly in challenging times. 

We remain nimble and in service to our mission and our clients. We are honored to be on this learning journey together, and we’ll do our part to keep you informed of what we see evolving. Now, more than ever, is an opportunity to co-create what may come—together.

In partnership, we can. Please stay in touch with us, as we will with you.