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Leadership Accelerator Series

For Leaders Eager to Put Inclusion into Action

The Leadership Accelerator Series is a six month program that empowers leaders and transforms organizations, providing the breakthrough action and accountability needed to drive real change and create truly inclusive workplaces.

Empowering leaders to create real and noticeable change in their organizations’ diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is the focus of our program. Through our Leadership Accelerator Series, we help leaders tap into their spheres of influence and identify where they can make sustainable change. We provide expert guidance to grow leaders’ courage, consciousness, boldness, and resilience, enabling them to drive and sustain DEI change work strategically, systemically, and across the organization.

The Leadership Accelerator Series helps leaders:

  • Embrace their unique approach to DEI, moving away from fear, uncertainty, and perfectionism to confidently and competently taking action.
  • Increase their humility, vulnerability, and commitment through navigating the complexities and challenges of putting DEI into action.
  • Celebrate the joy and excitement that comes with the cohort’s progress, as projects and ideas take shape, gather momentum, and create ripples of impact throughout the organization.
  • Narrow the gap between their leadership role and DEI work, embodying the knowledge that DEI is integral to their decision-making, vision, and leadership.
  • Partner synergistically with their DEI leads, creating a network of engaged leaders working towards the DEI mission as powerful partners.

If you’re ready to take DEI action and join us in this crucial work, we invite you to join the Leadership Accelerator Series.