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MicroLearning Library

Snackable Learning You Won’t Want to Put Down

Spark curiosity and grow real-world diversity, equity and inclusion learning with pocket-sized digital content intended to hook your team into diving deeper. 

Our MicroLearning Library is made up of animated microlearning units – digestible bites of information consisting of short videos, pop quizzes, assessments and discussion guides. These tiny teaching resources are tailored for today’s attention span, time and learning styles: 

  • Learners gravitate to their interests and learn at their own pace.
  • Topics range from pressing, emergent DEI issues to foundational concepts. 
  • Tools designed to be actionable – the learner becomes the teacher. 

This cost-effective, encyclopedic resource of DEI dovetails seamlessly into existing programs and efforts, providing a rich, engaging, continuous and blended learning environment. 

The MicroLearning Library flexes with you: Content is expansive, broad and current, intended to match and grow with the sophistication, readiness and responsibility of learners and the organization. Whether reacting to a crisis-driven, crash course on reproductive rights and the workplace or building a foundation for gender fluidity, our library has you covered.

The Inclusion Insights’ MicroLearning Library helps learners:

  • Increase understanding of a broad range of dimensions of diversity.
  • Anticipate and manage the impact rapidly changing conditions have on employees and customers.
  • Facilitate conversations about intersectional differences, social issues and dimensions of diversity. 
  • Apply and learn diversity with real-world, emerging issues.

Dive into snackable learning that’s good for you.