Stephanie Dytham brings a wealth of experience and commitment to promoting equitable workplaces

Late last fall, our Director of Business Development Cynthia Nielsen announced her plan to retire from WMFDP. While we were sad to lose an institution, we are happy to be able to support her future plans. For the last 11 years, Cynthia has been a driving force behind much of the work for WMFDP | FDP Global and has built many of the client relationships we have today. Cynthia not only pushed a dramatic growth at WMFDP | FDP Global, but she shaped the way we do business. Cynthia has been an essential voice in shaping our mission and values.

We knew she would be hard to replace and, more than 10 months later, that has been proven true. Fortunately, our search for her replacement is now complete and our search for her placement ends where it started — back at WMFDP | FDP Global. 

We are excited to announce our new Business Development Director, Stephanie Dytham. Stephanie has been with WMFDP for just under two years working as Cynthia’s direct report as the Business Development Manager. Stephanie has shown exceptional growth, leadership and endless curiosity to continuously improve the way we do business.

“Stephanie is an ideal leader at WMFDP | FDP Global with her strategic focus on being a true partner with new clients while fostering their goals of becoming workplaces where all people are heard and valued,” says Wayne Pignolet, Chief Operating Officer. “Ms. Dytham has the skill, maturity and tenacity to have brave conversations on issues ranging from culture and team dynamics to how diversity, equity and inclusion show up in our daily interactions.”

“I’m thrilled to be part of the important work that WMFPDP | FDP Global has been leading for three decades,” says Stephanie. “I truly believe we will find continued success by building new relationships and setting clear paths towards achieving more inclusion within the corporate world.”

Cynthia will work with Stephanie over the next few months to ease us all into this transition, acting as a Senior Business Development Manager as she steps back from being on the front lines of Business Development. 

Prior to joining the WMFDP team, Stephanie did two stints with AmeriCorps programs, six years serving in public schools and, most recently, worked in multiple leadership roles at Chinook Book, managing all 300 plus points of retail and fundraising distribution of the company’s products in the Oregon market. She graduated with a B.A. from Lafayette College and holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College. Stephanie holds a deep belief that we can learn from our past and move to the future with acquired knowledge and tools to improve how we live and work together.

About White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP I FDP Global): 

Our work over the last 25 years has helped thousands of global leaders courageously grow their consciousness and cultural competency to create and sustain inclusive work cultures. Over this time, we have worked across the political spectrum as inclusion is a human rights issue, not a political one. We believe freedom of choice and differing voices and perspectives are the strengths of a democracy and striving for a common good, not a threat to it. 

And, we believe in equity—the ability for every person to have access to opportunity and for every person’s voice to be heard and to matter. We are committed to creating cultures where everyone feels seen, heard and valued. WMFDP is committed to using diverse perspectives to grow courageous leaders and promote inclusive cultures in the United States and around the world.