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New for 2020! Summit Learning Series: Inclusion Insights

Someone once said, ”Tell me, I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.”

Inclusion Insights helps leaders in our sessions make the transition from learning to involvement. By guiding participants through a series of experiential assignments, our learning platform and virtual inclusion network ensures that each participant‘s investment of time and resources yields results and extends their learning from days to months.

The Inclusion Insights platform also allows clients to measure engagement levels among their leaders and to track the progress of your organization’s inclusion strategy. When they join, each new member becomes part of a learning cohort of other courageous leaders within their organization who are digitally connected, should they choose to share best practices, success stories and new learning.

Summit Learning Series

  • Registration & Pre-Work: Identifying Your Dimensions of Identity
  • Touchpoint 1: Sharing Your Learning with Others 
  • Touchpoint 2: Insiders, Outsiders & You 
  • Touchpoint 3: Listening to Lead 
  • Touchpoint 4: Identifying Papercuts and Microaggressions 
  • Touchpoint 5: Intervening for Inclusion 
  • Touchpoint 6: Recognizing Identities at Work
  • Touchpoint 7: Building Inclusive Teams

“I recommend working with WMFDP to accelerate D&I work.”