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Inclusion Insights

Inclusive Leadership Development in an Online Platform

The online delivery of diversity, equity and inclusion training is even more important today in our virtual working world. Inclusion Insights is a powerful tool to help be at the forefront of D&I dialogues, more fully supporting integration and application, which helps drive real culture change in our organizations. 

— Kevin Edwards, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Bechtel

Watch the video below for an inside view of Inclusion Insights:

Inclusion Insights is our powerful online learning platform that keeps your leaders practicing and growing real-world inclusion skills with individually-paced modules, tools and resources throughout the year, all in the company of their peers.

Inclusion Insights brings you actionable, real-world inclusion:

  • Make inclusion actionable: Go from learning to practice and inclusion skill building.
  • Create D&I best practices and behavior unique to your organization and teams.
  • Link individual awareness-building to trackable, visible team and organizational change.
  • Encourage curiosity and peer-learning with forums, tools and resources.
  • Flex with the real world: Reach your people where they work, how they learn and with what inspires them.
  • Connect your internal change agents, building skills, knowledge and momentum to accelerate your inclusion efforts.

Inclusion Insights is a scalable, sustainable, integrated D&I solution that maximizes your inclusive leadership investment:

  • Scale: Online platform lets you affordably reach your whole organization to set inclusion norms, grow inclusive leaders and track your organization’s inclusion journey with powerful analytics.
  • Sustain: Year-after-year continuous learning with automated, self-paced modules and integrated application and practice across in-person, virtual and digital.
  • Transform: Inclusion Insights knits your programs and their cumulative and combined impact together for deeper and more lasting culture change.

The Inclusion Insights CORE Package includes these four series, each paced to provide 3 months’ worth of content for a year-long inclusion journey:
  • Leadership Touchpoint Series
  • Identity Series
  • Inclusive Team Members Series
  • Best Practices

The CORE Package also includes these resources:
  • Learning Summaries and Outcomes
  • Discussion Guides and End of Series Check-Ins
  • Customized Best Practices Guide
  • Year End Conference
  • Microlearning Videos
  • Forums and Conversations
  • Tools

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