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Our Approach

Awaken Together

Our approach views dominant leaders — otherwise known as insiders — as part of the diversity and inclusion (D&I) solution, rather than the problem. In North America, it is the white male who represents the insider group. Since they hold the majority of executive positions, they’re key to driving organizational change.

Dominant leader groups change as we move around the globe — which is why our international-facing name is FDP Global, as the focus isn’t as much on white males overseas.

Transformative change occurs when dominant group leaders understand their impact and see the value of bringing outsiders in. This is how we awaken together.

D&I Business Results


Traditional approaches see diversity and inclusion through a limited lens that is strictly rational — viewing D&I as trainings to complete and statistics to achieve. The WMFDP Way understands that D&I is an essential part of leadership development achieved through experiential learning. This interactive and engaging approach provides a shift in thoughts, feelings and mindsets, leading to changes in behaviour and improved workplace retention and morale.


  • Engages the head and the heart
  • Prioritizes experiential learning
  • Leans into difficult conversations
  • Engages white men to drive diversity efforts
  • Examines D&I through a dominant group lens
  • Links a commitment to diversity with leadership development
  • Changes the collective thinking through which pressing issues are addressed
  • Promotes the productivity and profitability that can emerge from genuine cultural change

Traditional Approach

  • Engages only the thinking brain
  • Prioritizes training over changing mindsets
  • Avoids uncomfortable topics
  • Ignores, sidelines and/or blames white men
  • Focuses only on non-dominant groups, such as people of color, white women and LGBTQ+
  • Limits leadership development priorities to management or business skills
  • Attempts to “fix a problem” so the organization can move on to other pressing issues
  • Incorporates threats and negative business incentives

Hear How the WMFDP Way Is Different

Listen to WMFDP co-founder and CEO Bill Proudman share his insights on how the WMFDP way differs from traditional D&I approaches.