Through the work and introspection during the White Men’s Caucus, I’ve participated in one of the most impactful events in my 35-year career. Michael has captured the essence of the Caucus in his book, Four Days to Change. He has honed in on the essential element of this unique and enlightening experience for white men: learning to lean into our discomfort and to question our assumptions. This book will elicit a transformational experience for the reader that is essential in our increasingly diverse society.

Paul J. Steffen, Vice President, NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL

The W. K. Kellogg Foundation embraces differences and respects and nurtures people of all races, ethnicities, and religions as a result of our longstanding relationship with
WMFDP, whose work is described in this book. Their body of work has provided the single most important factor in an organization’s success, which is the ability to create
an authorizing environment for learning to take place. An “authorizing environment” means that the place is completely safe at all levels, from boardrooms to bathrooms. The change garnered in four days is palpable, and its impact on lives and institutions is brought to life in Four Days to Change. Congratulations on providing an effective tool for the field.

La June Montgomery Tabron, President and CEO, W.K. KELLOGG FOUNDATION

Four Days to Change shows white male leaders how to strengthen their organizations by having them understand and accept their responsibility toward improving equity. It does so without shame or guilt and in a manner that encourages you and makes you proud to be a part of this work.

Larry O’Dea, Chief of Police, PORTLAND, OREGON

WMFDP has helped so many leaders rise to the opportunity to put their privilege to honorable use. In Four Days to Change, Michael captures the essence of an experience that transforms diversity work from “someone else’s problem” into an inspiring opportunity to make the world a better place.

Mark Burget, Executive Vice President, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY

As a white man working in a highly masculine profession that’s currently facing considerable scrutiny, Four Days to Change serves as a reminder of the self-reflection needed to be a leader and more active participant in creating a more connected home and community.

Paul Schnell, Chief of Police, MAPLEWOOD, MINNESOTA

As a white man reading this book I felt totally engaged and fully accounted for, caught up in the transformations that were taking place in front of me. To say this is a “must-read” is to understate its importance. A real tour de force!

Thomas Kochman, KOCHMAN MAVRELIS ASSOCIATES, INC. Coauthor, Corporate Tribalism, Author, Black and White Styles in Conflict

Four Days to Change is, more than anything else, a book about possibility. It, along with the work it represents, leaves us with hope that by honoring the human condition and shining the light of consciousness on ourselves and others, we actually have the ability to transcend the wounds that divide us from others, and even from our own true nature. Thank you for this book. Thank you even more for your work.

Howard J. Ross, Founder, COOK ROSS, INC., Author, Everyday Bias and ReInventing Diversity

A courageous book about the critical journey and lessons that enable white men to live and work authentically across differences.

Judith H. Katz and Frederick A. Miller, THE KALEEL JAMISON CONSULTING GROUP, INC., Coauthors: Inclusion Breakthrough and Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration

Four Days to Change can transform your mind, your heart, and your life! Shattering the Myth of Meritocracy, this important book opens the eyes of white male leader—like me—and points us to a much more inclusive, authentic and valuecreatidng world.

Kevin Cashman, Senior Partner, CEO and Executive Development, KORN FERRY, Author, Leadership from the Inside Out and The Pause Principle

We know from our research that to develop more inclusive workplaces, we must fully engage and empower men to serve as agents of change. In Four Days of Change, Michael shares powerful insights that will help any organization transform into one that leverages and embraces differences, by equipping men to lead more inclusively.

Deborah Gillis, President and CEO, CATALYST

A meaningful book that will help white men redefine their role as key leaders for inclusion and equity in the workplace.


Every so often, a book comes along that enables us to see the world differently, with the inspirational power to drive one to responsible action. Four Days to Change is such a Book. As an attendee of the White Men’s Caucus, I can attest to the transformative insights Michael articulates in this easy-thread book based upon his decades of Experiential learning. I found Four Days to Change enormously informative and life Changing, both on a personal and leadership level, as we strive to support an increasingly diverse and inclusive workforce in full partnership. A must-read for any courageous leaders ready to begin their lifelong journey of enlightenment while
viewing and understanding diversity and inclusion through their white male lens.

Rick Gesing, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Operations, APPLIED MATERIALS, INC.

This is one of the most profound books on culture I have ever read because it tackles the difficult problem of the culture within us that we don’t see. By reviewing what happens in white men’s caucuses we learn the deep cultural differences that exist between races, genders, and sexual orientations, and see how these have worked their way into western business culture and our daily life. This is a must-read for those of us
who are blind to the automatic privileges we enjoy.

Edgar H. Schein, Professor Emeritus, MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, Author, Humble Inquiry and Humble Consulting

We know we have to make race and gender visible for white men to fully engage men as allies. But how? In this valuable volume, Michael Welp compresses 20 years of facilitating that engagement into a book as deeply theoretical as it is handy and practical. Quite a feat!

Michael Kimmel, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, Executive Director, CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF MEN AND MASCULINITIES, Author of more than 16 books