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Courageous Leaders Summit
Virtual | October 25-26, 2023


Courageous Leaders Summit

Virtual | October 25-26, 2023

Our Courageous Leaders Summit is a provocative introduction to shifting mindsets and behaviors for better partnership across difference. Participants of the Summit will take away fresh insights and skills to help foster a culture of full inclusion where everyone feels valued, respected and engaged. Leaders build skills to be more competent working and leading inclusively and leave ready to take specific action as a change agent in their organizations.

Following the Summit, leaders will better understand—at both the head and heart level—the call to action to lead effectively. This session will inspire leaders to move off the sidelines, using their own journey to model and support complex change and inspire individuals to make a difference.

Through participation in the Summit, leaders will:

  • Learn how to better work across difference to create a culture of inclusion and partnership where all employees feel valued, respected and engaged.
  • Explore how inclusion is experienced in the work environment.
  • Better understand culture, US white male culture (also referred to as mainstream or dominant culture) and its impact on your leadership behavior, work partnerships and culture.
  • Learn the Eight Critical Leadership Skills to work more effectively and partner across difference.
  • Practice managing and having courageous conversations.
  • Identify a personal commitment and next step moving forward.

The schedule:

  • Day 1: 8am-1:30 pm PST / 11am – 4:30pm EST / 30 min break
  • Day 2: 8am-1:30 pm PST / 11am – 4:30pm EST / 30 min break

Cost: $1,600 per person

Facilitators: Maria Martinez