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Full Diversity Partners
Portland, OR | September 27 - 30, 2022


Full Diversity Partners Lab

In-Person | Portland, OR | September 27 – 30, 2022

The Partners Lab is an immersive program for up to 24 people of color, women, and white men.

The Lab is a provocative and powerful experience that has fundamentally transformed partnerships for those who have attended. The intent of the Lab is to create safe and meaningful dialogues, where everyone realizes their self-interest in being full partners in diversity change efforts. The Lab focuses on building self-knowledge and understanding, which leads to personal and professional action. Participants leave ready to take action and to deepen their diversity learning journeys.

Participants will:

  • Gain a systemic perspective and understanding of the costs of racism, sexism, heterosexism, oppression and unexamined privilege
  • Become more conscious of how their own behavior may unintentionally reinforce those unproductive dynamics
  • Identify new options for interrupting systemic advantage and for being a more effective partner across difference
  • Explore a deeper understanding of U.S. white male culture and its impact on all people —white men, white women and people of color
  • Teams work across the divides of ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race and sexual orientation to develop partnership skills that deepen diversity dialogues and impact organizational change

The schedule:

  • Day 1: 4pm-9pm PST (includes meals and breaks)
  • Day 2: 7:30am-9:30pm PST (includes meals and breaks)
  • Day 3: 7:30am-9:30pm PST (includes meals and breaks)
  • Day 4: 7am-2:30pm PST (includes meals and breaks)

Your facilitators: TBD

Cost:  $4,800 per person