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Men's EuroCaucus
Freising, Germany | 2-4 March, 2020

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Men’s EuroCaucus

2-4 March 2020 | Freising, Germany

A Workshop for Men on Inclusive Leadership

The focus of the Men’s EuroCaucus, a workshop for business managers, supervisors and leaders, is to help men become courageous leaders within their organisation. Attending the EuroCaucus raises leaders’ awareness, understanding and skill to actively lead in creating more inclusive working environments. This intensive and interactive learning process provides leaders with the skills, confidence and courage to be the change they wish to see at work and in their personal lives.

Why Just Men?

Many men have experienced diversity and inclusion (D&I) as being about everyone other than them. The Men’s EuroCaucus explores and debunks the myth that men have nothing to offer the diversity and inclusion journey. We break out of the traditional way that diversity and inclusion issues are addressed—relying exclusively on ethnic minorities and women—to explore how men can create work cultures with a sense of belonging for everyone.

Attending the EuroCaucus helps you examine what you never see: What it means to be male and what it means for others to live and work within a male-dominant culture, what we call insider culture. We do this in a proactive, empowering way rather than with a “blame and shame” approach. Leaders leave ready to create change over the long term, buoyed by rediscovering their self-interest in inclusion. It’s a transformative process that improves how you relate to your colleagues and lead your team.

A Leadership Workshop

This is not a typical training—it’s a learning laboratory where attendees experiment with new behaviors and mindsets to raise their leadership effectiveness. Because of the limited size of the session (a max of 18 participants), each leader directs his own learning.

While the Caucus follows a core outline, the group’s unique needs influence and shape the content and flow. This approach makes the EuroCaucus extremely relevant and actionable for participants. Concepts are reinforced through the experiences, dilemmas and questions individual participants bring to the group. This “data” is used to examine partnership and leadership effectiveness in real-time demonstrations of inclusive skills and behaviors that leaders can apply back at work.

Leaders will:

  • Raise consciousness about how their own mindset helps and/or hinders their effectiveness to both lead and work across difference
  • Learn to recognize themselves as individuals and as members of the male (insider) group and how this impacts their ability to create and sustain an inclusive work culture
  • More readily identify and better understand the intersection between their own personal behavior and their organisation’s culture
  • Learn to challenge and support each other (and other “insiders”) and better recognize their inherent self-interest in inclusion
  • Practice WMFDP’s Eight Critical Leadership Skills and Behaviors to effect positive change in their interactions, business outcomes and organisational systems and practices
  • Leave ready to take specific personal and professional action to achieve positive change

The EuroCaucus creates an environment where men, often for the first time, can explore their questions, confusions, hopes and concerns related to diversity and inclusion in their organisations and lives.

If you’re inspired to become a courageous leader and change agent, join us for the Men’s EuroCaucus.

Who Should Attend?

Men in leadership positions committed to being more effective diversity and inclusion change agents


2-4 March 2020, starting at 13:00 on Day 1 and ending at 14:00 on Day 3


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