The inclusive leader works to create and then sustain work environments where everyone feels valued, heard and respected. It starts with mindset (BEING) and how you think and engage with others from a place of empathy and connection. It’s leading with humility. 

This list is not a checklist of things to do. It represents a way to “be” or “become”— a mindset. Be the change you want to see in your organization.

An Inclusive Leader:

  1. Sees DEI much like they see safety in manufacturing, as an overlay issue that is always present and must always be considered in every facet and interaction of their work environment.
  1. Views DEI efforts as a never ending personal and organizational journey to manage rather than a finite problem with a finish date and/or one solution.
  1. Knows their own behavior and actions are foundational that helps determine if organizational DEI policies and tactics will succeed over time.
  1. Operates as much from a place of curiosity and inquiry rather than just advocacy.
  1. Demonstrates courage through showing their vulnerability and humility.
  1. Doesn’t wait to get it all right before speaking up. Uses their voice as an instrument of change to deepen and further encourage often difficult conversations.
  1. Recognizes that their intent (no matter how positive) almost always has a different impact on others. Seeks to understand how others are impacted by their words/actions.
  1. Is comfortable with routinely expressing their own discomfort and confusion. Sees doing this as a healthy and helpful part of building more effective  partnerships across difference.

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