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Back to Class Webinar Series

Unscripted: Class, Caste and the Workplace

On October 4, 2021, we wrapped up the Back to Class webinar series with an exploration into how Class and Caste intersect with Workplace. View the recording to discover how class and caste shape our work of creating inclusive workplaces with WMFDP | FDP Global consultants Anita Bhasin, Amalia Alárcon Morris, Keith Blocker and Noah Prince. In this recording, you’ll learn:

  • How class and caste inform our organizational cultures
  • How workplace practices and expectations of leadership and employees are influenced by class and caste
  • The roles class and caste play in affecting our sense of belonging at work
  • How leaders can practice inclusive behaviors to combat classism at work

Watch this authentic and compelling conversation here.

More about our guests:

Keith Blocker is highly respected and much sought-after for his work as an instructional designer and facilitator. His experience includes partnering with organizations and government entities seeking to promote equity in business practices and decision-making; increase workforce productivity; attract diverse talent to key positions; design effective communications strategies for engaging diverse groups and improve workplace culture. Read more about Keith here.

Anita Bhasin joined WMFDP | FDP Global in 2017, with over 12 years of experience in consulting. Her background is primarily in business, with a more recent emphasis on blending organizational development, inclusion, leadership development and organization effectiveness for maximum impact. She has a bachelor’s degree in business studies and a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Wales, and a Master’s degree in organizational development from Pepperdine University. In addition to supporting others in changing their mindsets around power and privilege, Anita enjoys family, friends and food. Read more about Anita here.

Noah Prince brought to WMFDP | FDP Global a top-tier, recognized talent in helping business and organizational leaders consider culture, relationships and personal growth, with a focus on employee equity. He specializes in working with Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, education groups, nonprofits and individual clients, and has 15+ years of experience as a leader in equity, inclusion and leadership development work. Noah has a B.A. in black feminist and an M.Ed. in urban education. He is highly passionate about advocating for Black Lives Matter, Me Too and children, and enjoys spending time with his family. Read more about Noah here.

Amalia Alarcón Morris has partnered with WMFDP | FDP Global for over 14 years as a senior consultant, working with government jurisdictions across the west region to dismantle institutional racism. She spent over 35 years working with underserved and under-engaged communities to improve access to community services, healthcare and the political process. Amalia became invested in diversity and inclusion efforts after witnessing poignant discrimination against her mother while applying for disability assistance, and she has become a strong advocate for justice and Latinx culture. During her schooling, Amalia studied theater and communications at the University of Miami. Read more about Amalia here.