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Open Enrollment Labs

WMFDP holds learning labs that are open for general enrollment several times a year. We call these our Open Enrollment labs. They’re ideal for curious individuals and smaller, intact work groups.

These intensives help organizations recognize where they are either lacking or ahead, enabling attendees to gather next steps for their diversity and inclusion (D&I) journeys. With the approach and content being similar to our customized D&I solutions, attendees report having undergone life-changing experiences that directly impact their organizations.

An Advanced Learning Lab for White Male Leaders

An Advanced Learning Lab for White Male Leaders

Learning to Disrupt and Rebuild Mindsets, Behaviors and Systems

This residential, 3.5-day Advanced Learning Lab creates breakthroughs for white men in leadership roles to become more effective DEI change agents: This includes raising white men’s skill and confidence to better partner across difference and to better engage other white men in their organization around DEI issues.

In this Advanced Learning Lab, leaders experience how DEI work benefits white men personally and professionally, moving through fears, perfectionism and other barriers to action. Leaders will experiment and explore new ways to be change champions to both disrupt and inspire shifts in your team and organization.

Download the Brochure here.

September 9-12, 2024 In-person Register Now