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Virtual Learning Programs

Inclusive Leadership in a Remote Working World

The inclusive leadership journey does not stop with COVID-19. In fact, we believe the current pandemic only increases the need for effective—inclusive—leaders who can lead across difference.

Most of us are now working remotely. Many are feeling anxious amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19, whether it is a lack of social interaction or concern for our financial future. What is certain is that opportunities for face-to-face interactions and in-room learning are significantly curtailed.

The Journey Can Continue

We bring the same approach and depth of experience you’ve relied on for leadership development to the virtual world. Our repertoire of Virtual Learning Programs allows your organization to continue its inclusive leadership journey.

We have options. Below are our pathways for virtual inclusive leadership development:

Virtual Summit

In the almost 10 years that we’ve offered our two half-day Courageous Leaders Summit, tens of thousands of leaders around the world have experienced it. For organizations and teams, our Summits are provocative introductions to shifting mindsets and behaviors for better partnership across difference. 

We’re excited to offer a virtual corollary, our Virtual Summit, created intentionally for remote working to continue the inclusive leadership journey with deep and engaging work.

Virtual White Men’s Caucus

Our firm started with the launch of our White Men’s Caucuses, borne out of the recognition that white men are critical to DEI efforts—and benefit greatly when guided together on this transformative journey towards courageous leadership. 

For individual leaders and teams, our Virtual White Men’s Caucus (vWMC) provides an online avenue for white men to pursue their important caucus work with each other in growing their consciousness, competence and courage to engage as full partners in complex diversity issues.

Virtual Full Diversity Partners Lab

Our Full Diversity Partners Labs transform leaders’ and teams’ ability to connect deeply across difference, laying the foundation for more inclusive organizations. 

Now available virtually, our Full Diversity Partners Labs (vFDP) are provocative, powerful, and immersive explorations into how to partner across differences—gender, race, sexual orientation, country of origin, status, and more.

Inclusion Insights

Inclusion Insights is our innovative, online, experiential learning platform, specifically designed for alumni of our Summits, Labs and Sessions.

This eight-module, self-directed learning journey takes you and your organization deeper into inclusive leadership skills practice. It includes a forum moderated by our senior consultants for real-time responses and application. 

Inclusion Insights extends your inclusive leadership journey and helps you expand on the skills learned in-person to your teams and organization. The best way to become an inclusive leader is to practice.

Leading Inclusively Cohort (LINC)

Leaders, this is your support group, drawing from collective insights to help you navigate today’s current challenges. 

The Leading Inclusively Cohort is a learning journey for courageous leaders seeking to grow in their empathy, deep listening and vulnerability to lead their teams through today’s ambiguity and paradoxes. This cohort connect you with other leaders in a weekly setting to address your real-time challenges and opportunities in an ever-changing landscape.

New LINC cohort begins July 28.

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