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Virtual Learning Series

Lead Authentically in a COVID World

Our Virtual Learning Series is intended to help you and your leaders show up authentically in these unprecedented times.

Delivered by our team of high-quality consultants, the Virtual Learning Series walks your leaders and teams through a total of eight 90-minutes sessions intended to build courage and curiosity.

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Our 8 Critical Leadership Skills

This series explores our Eight Critical Leadership Skills, inclusive leadership skills that help leaders create powerful partnerships across differences in organizations.

In today’s COVID-19 reality, with distributed and remote teams around the world, these same skills help leaders cope with, and lead, through the tumult with clarity and effectiveness:

  • Leveraging Ambiguity and Turbulence: Step into the Unknown with Curiosity, Humility and Clarity
  • Integrating Head and Heart: Bringing Rational and Emotional Intelligence Together
  • Listening: Learning to Hear People Fully
  • Courage: Choosing Vulnerability in the Presence of Fear
  • Balancing Key Paradoxes: Moving from Either/Or to And/Both Thinking while Solving Vexing Problems
  • Managing Difficult Conversations: Learning to Have High Stakes Dialogue When It Matters the Most
  • Seeing and Thinking Systemically: Rising Above Seeing Individual Events to Viewing Patterns
  • Being an Agent of Change: Moving from Paralysis to Progress

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