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Virtual Summits

Inclusive Leader Online Incubator

In the almost 10 years that we’ve offered our two half-day Courageous Leaders Summit, tens of thousands of leaders around the world have experienced it. For organizations and teams, our Summits are provocative introductions to shifting mindsets and behaviors for better partnership across difference. 

We’re excited to offer a virtual corollary, created intentionally for remote working to continue the inclusive leadership journey with deep and engaging work.

Introducing our Virtual Summit, helping leaders: 

  • Explore skills to work and lead inclusively
  • Understand and articulate the organization’s inclusion engagement journey and the path forward
  • Build awareness of insider culture and understand the unique role of insiders and outsiders in creating an inclusive culture
  • Take specific action on a skill and identify next steps in leaders’ individual learning journey

The Virtual Summit is designed to be as comprehensive and insightful as our in-person Summit but formulated for the virtual world. Virtual learning differs from in-person learning in important ways: It’s more convenient. It’s more accessible. For adult learning, it’s potentially just as good for learning new concepts.

The Virtual Summit Sessions

The Virtual Summit is intended for up to 48 participants to ensure active engagement and dialogue as they journey through five, two-hour sessions. The middle three sessions are interconnected and interchangeable for maximum customization and flexibility.

  • Introductory Session: Inclusive Mindsets (prerequisite)
  • Interchangeable Session: Fish in the Water
  • Interchangeable Session: Exploring Systemic Advantage and Inclusive Workspaces
  • Interchangeable Session: Inclusive Leadership Skills and Behaviors
  • Closing Session: Now What, So What? (previous 4 sessions are prerequisites)

Includes Inclusion Insights

Between and after the sessions, leaders’ inclusive leadership journeys continue, powered by our revolutionary self-guided online learning platform, Inclusion Insights. Here, leaders further and practice the skills and behaviors they learn in facilitated group work, supported by their cohort and our expert moderators.

For organizations, Inclusion Insights offers powerful insights into engagement and tracking the progress of your own inclusion strategy.