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Virtual White Men's Caucus

Transform Your Leadership

Our firm started with the launch of our White Men’s Caucuses, borne out of the recognition that white men are critical to DEI efforts—and benefit greatly when guided together on this transformative journey towards courageous leadership. 

The Virtual White Men’s Caucus (vWMC) provides a virtual avenue for white men to pursue their important caucus work with each other in growing their consciousness, competence and courage to engage as full partners in complex diversity issues.

Our White Men’s Caucuses are available for internal teams and for open enrollment, meaning they’re open for individual registration. Our next open enrollments will be in 2021; schedule coming soon.

Our Virtual White Men’s Caucus helps leaders:

  • Explore how racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism operate as systemic advantage/privilege in work, community and personal life. 
  • Understand what it means to be white, male, and heterosexual at work and in their personal life.
  • Examine U.S. white male culture and its impact on all people – white men, women and men of color, and white women.
  • Recognize and/or rediscover their self-interest in diversity and in co-creating inclusive and diverse organizations that they and other white men are a part of.
  • Leave ready to take specific personal and professional action to be a full diversity partner.
  • Practice the 8 critical leadership skills to challenge and support other white men on diversity and inclusion issues.

Like our in-person format, the Virtual White Men’s Caucus creates an environment where white men can reflect on what it means to be white and male and can openly explore their questions, confusions, hopes and concerns related to inclusion and diversity issues while shifting mindsets and practicing critical leadership skills.

The Virtual White Men’s Caucus Sessions

The Virtual White Men’s Caucus is intended for 16 participants, gathering together for a total of 16 contact hours:

  • Section One: Welcome, Foundation Setting, Mindsets, Assumptions
  • Section Two: WM Culture, Paradoxes & Insider / Outsider Dynamics
  • Section Three: Unconscious Bias, Race, Class, Whiteness, Privilege
  • Section Four: Gender, Relationships of Men to Men, Men to Women, Male Privilege
  • Section Five: Sexual Orientation, Heterosexual Privilege, Gender Identity, Age
  • Section Six: Self-Interest for White Men, Intervening, Action Plans

Companion Resources

Our co-founder Michael Welp’s book Four Days to Change is an excellent optional reading companion for leaders diving into a White Men’s Caucus. It also provides insights for white women and men and women of color who are interested in understanding their colleagues’ learning journey.

We also recommend that leaders continue their inclusive leadership development, powered by our revolutionary self-guided online learning platform, Inclusion Insights. Here, leaders further and practice the skills and behaviors they learn in facilitated group work, supported by their cohort and our expert moderators. For organizations, Inclusion Insights offers powerful insights into engagement and tracking the progress of your own inclusion strategy.