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The Powerful Results Of A Courageous And Business-Driven Approach To DEI


Save The Wrapping Paper For Gift-Giving: Feedback Packaging For DEI Doesn’t Always Come In A Pretty Box


Doing the Work at Work: What are companies desperate for diversity consultants actually buying?

The Cut

Republicans, spurred by an unlikely figure, see political promise in targeting critical race theory

The Washington Post

How White Men Can Be Courageous Leaders In An Age Of Political Correctness


‘Start to bridge differences’

The Alpena News

Why White Men Must be Included in Corporate America’s Inclusion Movement


D&I in Corporate Culture


Diversity Training Should Focus on Acceptance, Not Shaming

Chief Learning Officer

Memo on Gender and Diversity Sparks Firestorm

Fox Business

At Google, Memo on Gender and Diversity Sparks Firestorm

Wall Street Journal

Corporate Inequality Causes Significant Drop In Customers

HR Technologist

Exactly Whose Job Is It to Tackle Gender Bias?

Women 2.0

Up front: Equitable compensation

Business Weekly

Closing the STEM Gap

Talent Culture

Bullying LGBT Employees in tech industry costs companies billions


White Men Can Change At Rockwell Automation

Bloomberg Businessweek April 27,2017

Uber Targeted for Diversity Issues; WMFDP Co-Founder Talks Solutions


Fox News spent decades selling throwback masculinity. O’Reilly’s departure shows that’s bad business


Men learn to push workplace diversity

Business Journal

Up front: Diversity defined by by White Men As Full Diversity Partners

Business Weekly

US Dept. Of Labour Sues Oracle For Pay Discrimination


Here’s How You Can Make Diversity More Than a Buzzword in Your Office


White Men and Race

RADIO voiceamerica Kathryn Zox Show

Diversifying tech: Yes, white men can be part of the solution and not the problem


The Eight Critical Leadership Skills: What Speaks Loudest in the Workplace?


Diversity and Dilution

The Network Journal

Workplace Diversity Efforts Equate to Fear and Anxiety: WMFDP Take Modern Approach

Press Release Rocket

Hiding Gender to Slip By vs. Flaunting It to Flourish

LightReading Oct 2016

What my white, heterosexual, educated, first world privilege is teaching me about empowerment

Matador Network

Lack of Diversity in Tech Sector Harming Industry

MNI Alive

Companies focus diversity training on white men


Why White Men Hold Key to Driving Diversity, Inclusion in Tech

IT Business Edge September 28, 2016

Diversity Workshops Try to Get Friendlier to White Men

Wall Street Journal

Eight critical leadership skills: creating a paradigm shift in corporate America

Smart Business Magazine

Let’s Get Real About Objectification of Women in the Workplace


Achieving workplace diversity requires white men as full partners

Houston Chronicle

WMFDP: New Book, Four Days to Change, Outlines Diversity as Contributing to Profitability and Growth

NewsChannel 10 August 22, 2016

Want to Double Your Business’ Cash Flow? Practice Diversity and Inclusion—and Really Mean It

Exchange For Entrepreneurs

WMFDP: New Book, Four Days to Change, Outlines Diversity as Contributing to Profitability and Growth

Eyewitness News 3

Four Days to Change: Overcoming Workplace Discrimination and the LGBT Community’s Power to Transform the Economy

Unite Virginia

Workforce Discrimination Is Costing Business $64 Billion Every Year

Fox News

Workforce Discrimination Is Costing Business $64 Billion Every Year


Quiz: How Do You Rate On These 8 Critical Leadership Skills?

Conscious Company

Diversity is for White Men Too. Here’s How — and Why it Matters.

Conscious Company